Management Team

Richard S. Greenberg, Ph.D., President

Brooke Ann Briganti, Associate

Katrina VanDeusen, Associate




Richard S. Greenberg, Ph.D.

Environmental Logic LLC. (EL) is an environmental consulting and Brownfield’s redevelopment firm founded by Richard Greenberg Ph.D., a 30-year environmental entrepreneur, with a proven track record developing innovative and value-added solutions across environmental, engineering and laboratory services.  Dr. Greenberg founded EL with the intent of simplifying and adding value to his clients and partners redevelopment of contaminated properties through innovative remediation strategies.  As a longtime investor in Brownfields projects he understands the frustration of endless investigation, constantly shifting endpoints and reports with no meaningful conclusions.  This unique perspective is the core of the EL mission to demystify and reduce the environmental component into a comprehensible language you can use. 

Dr. Greenberg is a recognized industry expert, holds multiple patents, is frequently quoted, and serves on numerous government/business advisory committees which help shape environmental policy.  Dr. Greenberg advises attorneys, investment and financial organizations, municipalities, real estate owners and industrial clients, both nationally and abroad and is often called upon as an expert witness during environmental litigation. Read More





Brooke Ann Briganti
Senior Project Manager

Ms. Briganti has over 15 years of broad-based professional experience in environmental applications for both public and private sector clients.  Her technical experience includes Compliance, Corporate Health and Safety, Due Diligence, Phase I, Phase II, Preliminary Assessments, Site Investigations, Background Investigation Reports, Ecological Evaluations, Remedial Investigation, Remedial Alternatives Analysis, Construction Management, Geographic Information Systems, Subpart X Permitting, Asbestos Management.  Ms. Briganti has managed numerous soil and groundwater remediation projects many of which involved Brownfield sites.  She has worked with an extensive client base ranging from individual homeowners to large chemical and petroleum companies to redevelopers to government agencies, including the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and Port Authority of NY/NJ. Read More




Katrina VanDeusen
Director, Ecological Engineering

Ms. VanDeusen is an Environmental Scientist with over 20 years of broad-based professional experience in environmental applications developing multi-media remediation strategies for both public and private sector clients in the New York City metropolitan area.  Her technical experience includes Phase I, Phase II Site Investigations, Preliminary Assessments, Ecological Evaluations, Remedial Investigation, Remedial Alternatives Analysis, Environmental Site Assessments, design of bioremediation systems, due diligence, legal support, wetland delineation, hydrology assessments, sensitive habitat multimedia sampling, community and habitat surveys, ecological engineering/restoration for both hazardous and non-hazardous sites.  Ms. VanDeusen’s technical writing skills include Preliminary Assessment reports, Remedial Action Workplans and reports, Site Investigation and Remedial Investigation reports, NEPA reports, Phase I and Phase II technical reports, environmental liability assessments, Vapor Intrusion Reports, wetland delineation and ecological restoration reports.  Read More