Traditional Services

  • Due Diligence – Phase I, II and Preliminary Assessments
  • Site and Remedial Investigations
  • Brownfields’ Assessment and Remediation
  • Construction Management
  • Litigation Support and Expert Services

Innovative Services

  • In-situ Injection of Oxidants
  • Thermal Desorption
  • Bioremediation
  • Green Infrastructure & Sustainable Remediation
  • Drone Services

Ecological Services

  • Hydrologic Assessments
  • Ecological Engineering
  • Sensitive Receptor Restoration
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Phytoremediation
  • Ecological Restoration

Financial Services

  • GR2ĀT Program
    (Guaranteed Remediation and Risk)


EL Services – Innovative

Once the investigation effort has been completed, our experts will devise a site-specific, multimedia remediation strategy utilizing innovative technologies to accelerate the clean-up process. Our scientists have successfully utilized multiple techniques for various contaminant profiles in multiple media to accelerate the remediation process and provide a better return of investment of redevelopment costs.


Thermal Desorption

  • Utilizes heat to remediate soil
  • Desorbs volatile contaminants from soil
  • Proven remediation strategy from petroleum and solvents



  • Bacterial augmentation to catabolically degrade contaminants with indigenous bacterial populations
  • No harmful residual
  • Provides long-lasting results



  • Utilizes trees and plants to uptake and metabolize contaminants in groundwater, surface waters, sediments and soils
  • Long-term long-lasting results
  • Solar powered for low cost operation of green pump and treat


Ecological Evaluations and Restorations

  • Habitat and Community
  • Hydrologic Assessment
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Habitat and Community
  • Streams, rivers, lakes and ponds.
  • Baseline and Tier II
  • Wetland delineation
  • Biodiversity and background surveys



  • Enhanced tool for site survey and risk assessment
  • Evaluate large properties for Preliminary Assessments for financial transactions
  • Faster and safer assessments
  • Evaluate all environmentally sensitive natural resources for multi-acre rural properties
  • Record progress of remediation work