EL Difference

  • Are new environmental regulations causing you headaches?
  • Are you in compliance with the constant changes of regulatory requirements?
  • Are you outraged at the high costs of investigation and consultants who can’t integrate all the pieces of your remediation?
  • Do you want to reclaim unused or contaminated properties for redevelopment?

With more than 100-years of consulting experience, Environmental Logic, LLC (EL) provides a full complement of environmental expertise. EL is one of the only full-service remediation firms that can address any environmental issue on your property.  EL can seamlessly integrate all levels of required environmental investigation into an overall site remediation strategy to meet your redevelopment goals.  We specialize in urban renewal sustainability projects throughout the United States in such difficult places to operate, such as the Greater New York City area, offering a wide range of environmental services.

Our abilities include investigation, testing and remediation services comparable to large consulting firms; however, we emphasize cost-effective, individualized solutions.   We promote an attitude of partnership with you, the client, offering a logical, business approach to environmental issues by working together to achieve your goals. 

Advanced remediation strategies such as bioremediation, phytoremediation, in-situ oxidation and thermal technologies will be evaluated for your site to find the best fit, for the best price.  We perform our work as an integral part of your

redevelopment team within diverse project settings such as former industrial or commercial properties, city environments or those containing wetlands and historic Brownfield site.  With EL, dropping the overhead doesn’t mean sacrificing expertise.  We offer the benefit of large firm experience, but without the big firm price tag.