EL Directive-Value Added Consulting

EL offers Value Added Consulting, through partnerships with lenders, can arrange financing for developers and owners of properties not suitable for traditional loans.  EL can help you position your property through one of risk transfer programs.  Our turnaround time is quick and our loan criteria is accommodating.

EL is familiar with all forms of environmental insurance from our principal’s proprietary cost-cap program within AIG which led to successful placement of hundreds of millions of dollars of all forms of Pollution Liability Insurance. Our principal was a pioneer in fixed-price remediation beginning in 1986 and quickly became the industry leader with dozens of fixed-priced remediation contracts.

EL arranges financing for:

  • Remediation Cost Cap Insurance
  • Pre-Development Expenses
  • Property Acquisitions
  • Redevelopment / Construction

EL understand your needs and can show you how repositioning of your financial portfolio can provide an excellent return on investment when thorough environmental evaluation is conducted prior to property redevelopment.  Only EL’s environmental liability assessments evaluate long term cleanup costs for a variety of former commercial and industrial properties which allows you to build on schedule and on budget