Brooke Ann Briganti
Senior Project Manager

Ms. Briganti has over 12 years of broad-based professional experience in environmental applications for both public and private sector clients.  Her technical experience includes Compliance, Corporate Health and Safety, Due Diligence, Phase I, Phase II, Preliminary Assessments, Site Investigations, Background Investigation Reports, Ecological Evaluations, Remedial Investigation, Remedial Alternatives Analysis, Construction Management, Geographic Information Systems, Subpart X Permitting, Asbestos Management.  Ms. Briganti has managed numerous soil and groundwater remediation projects many of which involved Brownfield sites.  She has worked with an extensive client base ranging from individual homeowners to large chemical and petroleum companies to redevelopers to government agencies, including the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and Port Authority of NY/NJ.


  • Bachelors of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Molecular Cell Biology, Monmouth, University, West Long Branch, New Jersey


  • Environmental Logic, LLC, Senior Project Manager (2015-Present)
  • EWMA, Senior Project Manager (2011 – 2015)
  • Hill Environmental Group, Project Manager (2010)
  • Groundwater &Environmental Services, Senior Staff Scientist (2008-2010)
  • PMK Group/Birdsall Engineering Group, Staff Scientist (2006-2008)
  • URS Corporation, Environmental Scientist (2004-2006)
  • United States Navy, Environmental Intern GIS Specialist (2001-2004)


  • OSHA Certified HAZWOPER Supervisor
  • ASTM - E1527-15 – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (2013 and 2015)
  • ASTM - E1527-00/05 – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, 2003 and 2005
  • ExxonMobil LPS Safety Program, 2008
  • Conoco Philips SHAIC Safety Training for Refineries, 2008
  • GEMs of BP Safety Program, 2008
  • Army Corp. of Engineers Wetland Delineation Training, Cook College, Rutgers University 2007
  • NJDEP RADIUS, 2006
  • Chem Master, October 2005
  • US EPA QA/QC Manager Training, 2005
  • NJDEP Air Monitoring and Permitting Requirements, 2005
  • United States Naval Training Spill Management Training, 24 hours, 2003
  • USEPA – AHERA, NY State Accredited Asbestos Inspector # 09767, 2001
  • Nitron XRF Spectrum Analyzer, Nitron Calibration, 2001
  • Managing Hazardous Waste, United States Navy, 2001


  • Member of Commercial Real Estate Development Association New Jersey (NAIOP)
  • Member of Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ)
  • Member of Industrial and Office Real Estate Brokers Association (IOREBA)
  • Member of The New Jersey Society of Women Environmental Professionals (NJSWEP)
  • Member Brownfields Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE)


  • Former Asphalt Plants Old Bridge and Brick, New Jersey- Former Asphalt Plants and Concrete Part B Recycling Facilities:  Project Manager of multi-phase Remedial Investigation of former asphalt plants and concrete recycling facilities.  Oversaw supplemental remedial investigation, and ground water monitoring.  During the course of the project, the NJDEP elevated the resource values of the adjacent and on-site sensitive receptors to a C-1 stream and established a nature preserve on the opposing properties river bank.  The former operations of the plant were suspected to have impacted adjacent Riverine and Forested wetland area on Property from historic operations requiring an ecological impact assessment.  Conducted community/habitat assessments to support ecological evaluation to support closure.  Received LSRP restricted RAO for entire site.
  • Bayway Refinery - Managed as the Lead Field Scientist/Field Safety Officer for eleven landfill areas.  Conducted a subsurface evaluation and remediation of the former ExxonMobil Areas of Concern.  Activities included oversight of geophysical survey, utility clearing, soil boring and test pit installations, soil and groundwater sampling, community air monitoring and preparation of a report including three-dimensional modeling of the subsurface lithology.  Data was used as input parameters in assessing compliance with regulatory requirements and evaluating the effectiveness of an innovative soil and groundwater recovery and treatment remedial systems.  Additionally, worked with the project manager to document dissolved oxygen and temperature contours at the facilities biowall.
  • Atlantic City #3001 Terminal – Project Manager for a multimillion dollar remediation and demolition project.  Worked with the Project Engineer to create and then later modify a NJDEP Permit by Rule (PBR) to use and spray biosolve to abate petroleum odors and vapors in a residential area.  Created an additional PBR to conduct a pilot test for a chemical oxidation onsite.  Supervised the demolition and dismantling of the former terminal’s 16 Petroleum Tanks.  Conducted a 6-acres excavation.
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Project (Red Bull Soccer Stadium) – Project Manager for a 14-acre former warehouse facility.  Responsible for the implementation of the NJDEP approved Remedial Investigation Work plan.  Prepared portions of the HDSRF Grant.  Responsible for 22 areas of concern and 15 excavation areas.  Responsible and managed the removal of a 15,000-gallon diesel UST and collected the appropriate amount of post excavation samples in accordance with NJDEP UST regulations.  Managed the removal of contaminated soil, groundwater and concrete debris.  Coordinated and managed a crew during an Emergency Response release of petroleum into the Passaic River.  Worked with the, NJDEP, US Coast Guard, Clean Harbors to effectively manage and clean up an oil release prior to it mobilizing into a waterway.
  • Preliminary Assessment Reports - As part of the City of Linden's and the City of Rahway's Redevelopment Project, conducted/prepared 36 preliminary assessments at several commercial/industrial facilities, and prepared reports.  These reports were used to identify environmental liabilities associated with prior and adjacent land use as well as pre-existing site contamination conditions. 
  • UST Closure, North Bergen NJ - Provided management for the closure of 5 kerosene and gasoline underground storage tanks.  Removed the USTs under the direct supervision of a NJDEP Cleanup Star and the NJDEP Technical Regulations.  Completed the facility questionnaire and 14-day notification prior to completing the work.  Submitted the NJDEP closure report and received a No Further Action required letter by the NJDEP.
  • Various Retail Gas Service Stations, New Jersey/New York – Project Manager/Case Manager for 27 Retail Gasoline Service Stations in the New Jersey/New York Area.  Remedial Investigation of sites with multiphase contamination.  Program included soil and groundwater sampling and analysis to characterize site conditions, baseline ecological evaluation and hydrogeologic evaluation related to former gasoline underground storage tanks.  Initiated total fluids remediation system installation utilizing vapor extraction and groundwater/separate phase product recover and operation and maintenance to address elevated residual soil impact, groundwater impact and separate phase product identified at the site.
  • Overpeck Park Landfill, Overland Park, Bergen County, NJ – Field Scientist Developed and created a Remedial Action Work plan for Overland Park in preparation for the landfill closure plan.  Managed the removal of contaminated soil, groundwater and concrete debris.  Worked closely with Senior Project Manager and managed field crew of 5. 
  • Middlesex Sampling Plant, New Jersey - Participated in field collection efforts for this 30-acre USACE FUSRAP/Superfund site.  Participated in writing the US EPA Record of Decision for soil remediation.
  • Chevron Texaco Asphalt Refinery, New Jersey. - Acted as the site safety supervisor for field operations.  Ensured that all team members were always wearing the proper PPE while on terminal property.  Conducted daily toolbox talks including specific safety hazards for working with tetraethyl lead contamination.  Conducted a regulatory agency review and completed soil boring logs related to ongoing ISRA and RCRA RFI projects at the site.
  • State Psychiatric Facility, Parsippany, New Jersey - Conducted asbestos and lead-based paint remediation planning prior to demolition of former office building and in-patient psychiatric hospital, observation of sub-slab demolition of laboratory drain lines and post-demolition soil sampling and analysis.
  • Pharmaceutical Facility, Pennsylvania - Conducted an AHERA asbestos and lead-based paint remediation planning prior to demolition of former office building and research and development laboratory, observation of sub-slab demolition of laboratory drain lines and post-demolition soil sampling and analysis. 
  • Former Dry Cleaner, Mount Holly, New Jersey - Remedial Investigation of a former dry-cleaning facility and surrounding properties to delineate groundwater impacts.  Site Investigation included the completion of a comprehensive soil and groundwater investigation in response to a dry-cleaning spill.  Installation of soil borings and monitor wells to delineate chlorinated compound impact and determine a viable remedial strategy.  Subsequent to the investigation a Remedial Investigation report was submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).
  • Naval Weapons Station Earle, New Jersey – Federal Intern in the Environmental Department of a major military installation.  Provided comprehensive support to all Program Managers for diverse environmental projects.  Analyzed reports developed by military contractors; visited project sites; reviewed results to develop accurate timelines.  Developed a working knowledge of hazardous waste operations at on-site facilities; observed loading and unloading of hazardous materials; acquired an understanding of EPA, NJDEP, and Navy regulations.  Participated in water sampling projects; analyzed five streams leaving the station's property to determine pollution levels; used GIS to identify suitable sample location; identified pesticides, RCRA metals, and total suspended solutes; measured coliform levels; prepared written reports.  Worked in conjunction with Forester to plan and conduct a gypsy moth survey; performed visual inspection to determine defoliation; developed a thorough understanding of various wetland species.  Managed a database for Ozone Depleting Substances for Air Program Manager in conjunction with Title V.  Participated in the response to a mock spill at Sandy Hook Bay.  Responsible for the inventory of all storm drains on Station for Monmouth County Infrastructure upgrade.