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Environmental Logic, LLC (EL) provides a full complement of environmental expertise. Our abilities encompass investigation, testing, and remediation services comparable to large consulting firms; however, we emphasize cost-effective, individualized solutions. Our site specific solutions provide clients with cutting-edge remediation design that accelerates property redevelopment. We perform an integral role when a part of your redevelopment team within diverse project settings such as former industrial or commercial properties, city environments, or those containing wetlands and historic Brownfield sites. By contracting through us, EL can address all of your project needs under our umbrella and using our global network of partners. EL is focused on value added engineering, contaminated property redevelopment, financing, and innovative remedial strategies. Our qualified professionals can take your project from inception to closure with flawless execution that meets budget, schedule, and redevelopment expectations.

Our consulting expertise encompasses a wide range of services for all of your environmental needs.

Our Services

Environmental Logic, LLC is a full service company. We provide a commonsense approach for our clients and offer total development and implementation of remedial action plans and the design and replacement of building structures and landscapes disturbed by the remediation process. We will take your project from start to finish by developing plans, employing a qualified, professional team, and executing work that meets your budget, schedule, and expectations. Read More…

Environmental Logic
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